Sin Shanty Sessions, vol. 1

by Hellbat

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A trifecta of bass, organ and drums, Hellbat likes Shellac and the Cramps, but a complete stranger said they sound more like Motorhead meets the B-52s.

We clatter songs about serial cat murders, possessed Corollas, sad songs about Russian dogs in space, and an ode to Samuel L. Jackson.

Hellbat is a wink to the absurd and a nod to the macabre.

Rocking the fuck out? Guaranteed. Stupidity? Also assured.


released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Hellbat Seattle, Washington

Sara - keys
Grant - drums
Guenther - bass

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Track Name: (Bad like) Sam Jack
I give manicures with chainsaws
Facials with piss and mud
Directions with a middle finger
And advice with a forked tongue

Steal all of your sugar packets -
So your coffee is all bitter
Borrow your shovel
And keep it all muthafuckin winter

Cuz I'm a Bad Motherfucker!
I'm a bad motherfucker
I'm a bad motherfucker Samuel Jackson

Unplug your alarm clock,
So you're late to work
Be your reference
And tell the boss that you're a jerk

Drive really slow in the carpool lane
I'm goin really really slow
You may think I'm a fan-
I'm your worst fuckin foe

Cuz I'm a bad motherfucker......

Unplug your toaster oven
Teabag your mom
Use all of your soap,
Leave you a sink full of dishes

Overfeed your goldfish
Til it explodes
Tell the girl you like
You got a real small fuckin chode!

Cuz (you know why....)